Dreamweaver Tutorial – shows you how to add title, description and Keywords to your website

Posted on April 5th, 2010 in Dreamweaver Tutorials by admin

Hi, all if you want to learn how to add title, description and keywords to your website, then you can watch this video. In this video, we have given you easy to follow steps to add them to your website. With our easy to understand tutorial, you can easily add them.

Hi, welcome to MakeA SiteGuide. In this tutorial, I would like to show you how to add title and description and keywords to your website. Now this is very important because this is the part of SEO search engine optimization and it affects your traffic, your ranking, your place in the search results, the index the way Google and other search engines index you so it’s a real important thing. Now the first thing you have to you know about title, keywords and description that they have to do something with your website. Because if the crawlers, the crawlers of the search engines realize that your keywords, and title and description have nothing to do with the content they may index you, but I don’t think that will, that you will get a good ranking so be careful with it.

And, the other thing is that search engines don’t rank a based on keywords anymore because people really abuse this keyword content. So, it’s only for you to be found by people when they type those certain keywords in the search engines. So I am going to show you the code of my site so you can get a, an idea of how to do it. So, you can see I have got the title right here how to Create/Build a website, you can see that I have got lots of keywords in that title that have to do lots of stuff with my website. And, here are the keywords Meta name, Keywords content, build a web site, create a web site and the description. Now this title is going to the title that will appear in the search engine.

When the, when your title appears in the search engines, the keywords won’t appear anywhere. It will only be indexed by the search engines and the description is text that will appear under the title. Now I can give you a good idea and is to go on the net and just browse through various sites and go upto view and find the source of this those pages. So you see how people give titles and the description and keywords for best sites so you can get idea how this really works. So feel free to copy this tags from my site if you don’t know how to write in code and make sure that you write keywords relevant to your web site. So title, it is easy to add a title in Dreamweaver you can go up here and just type the title here and add the keywords with this opening tag, you can see here and feel free and go and copy paste from my source page.

So this is it, the only thing I wanted to say in this tutorial that you have to be really careful in your keyword keywords. And, make sure they have something to do with your content and make sure you go and look around the internet how keywords work and how people give keywords to there web site. Now the other two, I want to show you is the Google’s insight tool. So you can see I am just uploading may be here right now. Go to Google and search for insight I am sorry. I am not sure, google rank so first, here Google insights for search and go in here and you can search for keywords relevant to your website. So, here here you can type in the search term. Let’s say we type bikes and let’s see how often the people look for the term bike. We have to wait a little for it to load, so you can see the interest overtime it shows you how it really interest people. Then you can see further regionally interest you can see that term bike is searched most in Nepal and in Australia. So, this the Google insight here you can choose really which keywords fit your site which keywords are searched the most. So, this is it for this tutorial, thanks for watching.

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